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life has many flavors. It takes you on a roller coaster ride where you run up and down, tremble, shaken and get flattened too. It just comes with a tag ” ‘smile while you ride’ as you have no choice but be on the right hand side'”. Crying over tough or adverse phases does not help you. Just like average human beings on this Earth, I am an average person on this Earth. Even and odds have always been an integral part of my life.

It has been said by my mother that life means keep going and keep struggling. “chalti ka naam hi hai zindagi”. If you stop struggling means you stop living. She said those words when I was depressed and kind of tired of the struggling life. I have always been a giver and love to be so. There are times, when I am not able to serve others through my education or money, I feel deactivated and hapless. The words of my mother energized me a bit. I pondered over the words and gave it a thought. Summarizing, life and struggle are directly proportional to each other. The more you struggle, the better you know it. The Past is gone and I am really unaware what the future will be. So why am I thinking what I have done and will there be sufferings in the future. I should live in present. So what if I have struggled in the past, maybe life wanted me to. Maybe I am born to struggle. God might have decided this for me. When he writes our luck, he might be intending something and it might be our inner strength which he has put and he is just testing it out. I should not fail and prove him wrong. So, get up Shilpa, Just live the present and play the innings of life as it comes. The path of the ball will be automatically clear once shot. Remember to shoot it with full force and confidence.

I even recalled a story my father used to tell when I was small.’ I used to fall sick quite often and hence my attendance in school was low. Your grandparents used to be worried. Once a palmist saw my hand in my childhood and told me that there is no line of education in your hand. But I was fond of reading and language. You see today I am MA, P Hd. in Hindi language and I have bagged many national level prizes for my work to literature. We make our lines in our hands by ourselves. Our luck is somewhat in our hands too. Hard work and determination can change the pattern of lines in your hands.’ This story always used to inspire me in my childhood. Recalling it has helped me again. Hence, I will keep struggling mumma and  papa till i breathe and will try to be on the right hand side…

life is a mystery and let it be that way….



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