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Prakrati- Nurture the nature


It was a nice Sunday morning of March for a perfect nature walk. All of us had respective timers done on our cell phones and have told to call up each other as a dual check so as to make it on time. Not only that, nobody wanted to miss the beauty and thrill it had hidden for us. Yes, I am talking about the first nature walk of our NGO-journey to roots. Seems like being surrounded by the concrete walls, hands on touch pads, sucking jobs and demanding relationships, everyone wants to go back to our roots- the jungle and the nature.

dsc_0384.jpgWe were duly excited because we were going to greet the morning with majestic Taj view and beautiful birds and the second reason was that our mentors were Dheeraj Katara @travographer and Mr. Ankush Dave-the Himalaya Man.


All of us reached there carrying dream in our eyes to explore the hidden beauty of nature. Me, my husband, my little 3 plus daughter, Bakhtyar khan ji and Sahar reached there altogether. Erum, Dheeraj, Harsh, sudhanshu were already waiting there with refreshment for the joiners. The DSLR, Canon round the neck, caps, sports shoes along with the birds chirp and little cool March morning was appealing.

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Erum Atmiye gave a small informative talk about being sensible and responsible towards nature. Phones were to be used for photography only without flash. Silence was to be observed.


Mr. Ankush Dave inspired us to go back to our roots and plant the native trees. Native plants’ presence is essential as the birds find it congenial and comfortable to do nesting and breeding there.

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The voyage started with  great eagerness. We silently stepped towards the forest while reading the captions, names of the birds and their paintings on the walls. The crew was welcomed by peacock dance along with blue feathered kingfisher sitting on a tree. Mr. Dave kept explaining about the extinct birds and we could sense his pain for the loss from his words.


It is said “in every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks”. Same happened with us. We were not knowing the hidden beauty and knowledge we were to explore. It was tremendous and words will fall short.


The national bird showed its majestic beauty with long blue neck with golden crown on its head and the beautiful green robe decorated with feathers. It walked as if it rules the world of birds gracefully and so it does. Majestic beauty, salutation!

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The Majestic beauty

The trees which we might have seen in our childhood or our parents might have seen in their childhood were present there. It spread a smile on the faces and everyone recalled the memories attached to the trees. like shatoot, Gular, Balam Khira, Imli,Bahera, Kathsagaun and Pilu etc. The neglect of these trees is shocking, as it affects our eco-system badly.

The walk ended with the pleasing sight of white beauty the Taj sitting on the banks of river Yamuna. The wind played its background music for the lyrics framed by birds-peacock, parrot, kingfisher, maina, sparrow and babbler. The soft and soothing experience can’t be found in AC rooms.


The walk left us with a question mark in everyone’s minds that in this progressed market branded world of ours, we have left behind our nature. So let’s nurture the nature!


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While leaving the track, on the out wall there sat a monkey, a peacock, a parrot, a crow and a sparrow enjoying their breakfast. Humans, first learn to be animals and stop categorizing the rich and poor, the cast high and low.


PS: The special appreciation goes to Mrs Alka Dua who volunteered to pickup 5-6 persons for the walk so as to motivate the people towards it.



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