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Leafy day

Chopped lettuce Chopped spinach Coriander leaves Spring onion Onion Ginger Garlic Tomato sauce Take a non stick pan. Add one teaspoon oil.  Jiovo canola oil. Add chopped onion and spring onion Once light brown,...

Hibiscus love

Hibiscus Tea It was not there until my friend Uzma asked me to collect hibiscus flowers for she wanted to prepare some medicines. I am...

White Bliss

'Keep your food and relations healthy to make your life and body fit.' Day-3 Hung curd dip It is something I relish when my mind is stuck...

Snack Attack

Matar Makhana Snack/ Lotus seeds and peas (Day 2) I was teaching my kids. We all were putting our heads into books and worksheets as the exams...

Diet Plan

I weigh 75 kg at present which got enhanced by in law's love and affection from 54 kg. No worries. It is something I...


Litnest Cafe

White Bliss

Paper Boat

Bag obsessions