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Rasoi, the monthly food distribution for the under-privileged was scheduled on Sunday, 7th April,19. Seeing the earlier posts, there has been requests from many kind-hearted friends who wanted to donate food through our NGO, Journey To Roots. We picked the first call, Mr. Manoj Upadhya. Mr. Manoj who is a generous man with a large heart. Since his wife was away, we suggested that you may purchase the food and donate.


On Sunday morning, we went to a local slum near Shemford school we had explored previously. As we entered the place and called out for people, we could not find any human trace. All the tiny muddy huts were closed with some torn fabrics. We estimated that they might have left for work. I was surprised to find no locks. But honestly,they have nothing to loose other than their poverty‘.


Saddened, we decided to the slum near Shankar Greens where we had already been several times. We share a good bonding with them too. As soon as we reached there, the smart boy Raju came to greet us followed by his fellow friends. He called up for auntie. Two gentlemen also came forward. It ran a cheer on Mr. Maonoj’s face.


We conveyed them about the food and told them to get their pots filled. As soon as we opened the lids, the aromas of scrumptious food spread in the air. The food was yummy and plenty. Mr. Manoj had got it cooked at home through the helper.

Reminds me the lines written by Mr. Bhakhtyar Khan

Agar Insaan Ko Insaan Se Mohabbat Ho Jaye

Ye Jahanum Jahan bhi Jannat Ho Jaye”

Me and Erum had few collection of clothes too to be given away. She had some discarded suits and collection from friends. I too had some lotions going out of fashion, my daughter’s clothes, my husband’s shirts etc. Meanwhile, we distributed these too. As we were leaving the place, Raju came running with his younger brother with all joy and the younger brother was also happy in new Santa clothes and cap. It melted away the hotness of the day. We call it mission complete!





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