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KidZee PreSchool – where kids love to learn


Taking the first step of sending your child to a Kindergarten school is always heartbreaking. Not only that, choosing a right place for your beloved one is crucial as well. You would certainly wish to have a microscopic view of the school system where your child will spend hours without any family member around.  The major concern of any parents is the safety and second, the learning process. KidZee Kindergarten School, Vibhav Nagar is the right choice, if you are looking for both.

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The school not only provides a congenial atmosphere for kids but also delivers value based education. It lays a strong foundation which works as a dose for good education immunity system of the child. Kidzee is a school where adventurous journey of learning of a child starts. The teachers nurture their sense of wonder and hold their hands firmly.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-11 at 10.49.28 Motor skills are important for better growth and confidence. The school keeps the child engaged in hands-on activities. Apart from that, the school provides extensive kits and technology based tools. Colored blocks, piercing the alphabets into boards and Sand carts etc. are used. For sensory motor skills, sound puzzle, audio-video games, testing and tasting help develop a good coordination of brain and body.

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The school also keeps itself updated with advanced technology of Augmented Reality. The AR system enhances real life pictures by sounds and sights. Parents can even see the drawings of child in a visual way through the app.

Good health and fine hygiene is a big agenda for KidZians. Doctor’s day is celebrated so as to instill good health values among them. Even, constant doctor’s visits are made so as to ensure their good health.

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Cultural Heritage is the best wealth we can transfer to our little ones through tiny and colorful acts. The cultural knowledge and grooming is also done through the celebration of the Indian and global festivals.

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In this distracted society of ours, there is huge need of instilling the spirit of nationalism among children. National festivals are celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm.

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Excursions and visit to  public places is also a part of learning and good behavior for the child.

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The school is always a Tri-angular project where students, parents and teachers work in harmony. KidZee, Vibhav Nagar Mentor Mrs. Shilpi Varshney is a rigorous worker for the same and ensures the presence of orientation programs for parents, students and teachers as well.

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‘Good Touch-Bad Touch’ Talk Session

Further, the school accommodates orientation programs for the parents like ‘Happy Parenting’, ‘Digital Nari’, and ‘Child Abuse’ etc.

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Digital Nari Seminar
Parent Orientation

Furthermore, the outdoor and recreational activities are devised for kids and mothers for a good bonding among them.

Furthermore, the SCHOOL ensures that they collectively do the social awareness walks and camps so as to raise voice against social evils.

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Field trips give first hand information and it always leaves ever lasting impression on the minds of the little ones. KidZee ensures the creativity and imagination through travelling and field trips.

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Annual events are the best platforms where one can explore the abilities and capabilities of a child. KidZee Vibhav Nagar has the best professionals who prepare the kids and instill the team spirit and confidence among them.

The school also provides best infra and furniture which is at par with the global standards. The floor is carpeted thoroughly so that kids don’t get hurt. The walls are self explanatory and colorful. Audio-Visual aids are accommodated. Creativity is at its best through art and craft works.

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Teamwork makes the dream work. The school is proud to have a dedicated and experienced team who hold the hand of the little ones with a promise. Not only that, they work towards the ultimate goal- providing quality education!

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The school leader Mrs. Shilpi Varshney is also a doting Principal who puts her heart and mind completely into the school. She makes all the efforts to create a congenial atmosphere for the budding stars. Her vision is to provide the best services in the field of education of kindergarten. She considers it as a learning process rather than teaching. She wishes to instill high values among children and later, see them grow to excel in their future endeavors. Moreover, she aims to get admitted at least one child of her school in every smart school of Agra.

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As per Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam “Vision elevates the nation.” Kudos to the  vision and hard efforts of the Principal Mrs. Shilpi Varshney that the confidence level of the child and mental satisfaction of the parents has no match. It is her endeavors and team’s hard efforts that school was awarded as “The best growth” award by KidZee India Corporate Office.

One can best know a school from the words of the parents. We have tried to capture their feelings through videos. Here are a few testimonials of parents, what they have to say about the school.

We are highly thankful to the parents for the positive feedback!

Shweta Sharma
Shweta Sharma-love the teachers and environment!

“We are incredibly grateful that our son is an Kidzee play school student ! his classroom environment feels like a customized world made just for him. His teachers truly see him as an individual and challenge him in the most encouraging ways. Our son looks forward to school everyday and shares his daily experiences with so much excitement that we cannot wait to hear what is next. Our teachers are outstanding-the best I’ve ever seen and we feel incredibly fortunate that they taught our child. They care so deeply about their students and are committed, knowledgeable and loving. Kidzee-Vaibav Nagar is an amazing school-We truly love it!

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In brief, the school works on the following 10 key areas:

  • learning by exploration
  • Theme based concept time
  • Readiness to learn
  • Encouraging positive peer interaction
  • Fine and Motor Skills Development
  • Celebration of Special days
  • Field Trips
  • Story time
  • Creative play time
  • Technology intervention with guided role of teachers

You can follow the school for the ongoing activities on the following links:





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