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Yoga – an art of life

Stay yogic, stay calm!


Yoga, as many of you have heard, is a series of physical exercises gifted to the human race by the vedas. Yoga literally means ‘to unite’ or ‘to join’ and is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj. It is misconception that yoga belongs to one particular religion. Yoga is not adhere to any particular religion or nation. I would say whoever inculcates yoga as a routine and has attained it to the fullest, is a yogi. Moreover, it is an education and as it is said that knowledge should be passed on. Sharing knowledge has always helped mankind survive and evolve into intelligent species. Although, history suggests that yoga originated thousand years ago from India in 2700 BC while Gita and Vedas were written. Lord Shiva is called as Adiyogi.

Yoga is a science which allows us to not only attain the physical strength but also to indulge in oneness spiritually.  It works on the body, mind, emotion and energy. It works as a healer. The healing effects are understood to those who practice it with complete dedication. Many have experienced therapeutic benefits. It is one life and we waste it if we don’t realize the oneness of the universe.

In today’s go-getter and pro-digital world, it becomes duly important that we go back to our roots a bit too. The self-centered and fast life has left us with no time for ourselves. Not only that, the digitalization has made our fingers play on keypads all the time and don’t stretch and feel the sensitivity anymore, our brain has lost its creativity relying on search engines and gripping our brains with ready made data. The studies reveal the alarming effects of a non-yogic life, loss of eyesight, obesity, bad cholesterol, heart attacks and mental disorders. There are two solutions to cure these upcoming issues; one- succumb yourself to the medicines, two- boost your capacities through yoga. Many of you might say that there is lack of time. Yes, time has to be found and managed. It is truly said that ‘lack of time is lack of priorities’ ~ Tim ferries.  No wonder, work should always be on the top list but if you want better results and optimization of your work, recover your stamina by spending at least half an hour on the yoga mat. Give your body a 10% yoga time and it will give you back 90% results. It is just that you have to change your mindset.

It was around three years ago that I was diagnosed to have stomach ulcer. After being hospitalized often and engrossed myself into medicines, I could not relish my life. It was so stressful that even after being on medicines and keeping a watch on my diet, I could not recover the problem. One day, I committed myself to overcome these consistent stomach issues through natural ways. Yoga was the first support that came to my mind, which I had discarded long time back to give priorities to other things in life. Gradually, I started recovering. Today, I am one happy person who enjoys every kind of food without any antacid but a 15- min yoga daily. So, I am loving my yoga DOSE instead of the medicinal DOSE. The yoga dose is far better as it does not carry any side effects and it also boosts my immunity naturally.

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility’ –Eleanor Roosevelt.

Yoga enables you to fight the odds and be a warrior of your life. You attain the power of your capacities and enlighten yourself from within. Yoga is certainly the best work out one can have. The best thing about yoga is it is about finding yourself spiritually. One cannot achieve yoga unless one lives yoga. Feel it inside you. Strengthen your muscles, tone your body and fit your flabs. Apart from that, remove the negativities through hath yoga.

“Yoga is not a work-out, it is a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice; to make us teachable; to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are.” — Rolf Gates

Yoga is for one and all- from a kid to old age. There are different poses for distinct purposes like for digestion, insomnia, stress, headaches, infertility and depression etc. For instance, the warrior pose develops the muscle strength, enhances your ability to focus, helpful in sciatica pain, puts the spirit of warrior for right path awaken. Indulge yourself in the greatness of the goodwill. Be bold enough to fight for the rights. Alleviate your strengths and recover your weaknesses. For kids, it develops the stamina, boosts immunity power, improves their focus and above all, allows them to recognize their abilities. I take specially designed ‘kids yoga’ class for the kids through alphabet and animal poses. A yogic person always reinvents and rejuvenates the inner soul. Moreover, they carry a positive outlook towards the difficulties. So, stay yogic, stay calm!



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