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Karma- Rooftop Lounge

My Visit to Karma

It was our short visit to Lohagarh resort when we felt like visiting the pink city to explore the best food joint of the city. Although there are many food hubs and they are the best ones too. But Karma tempted us by the review and the name itself clicked me well being a yoga person. The cafe is pioneer in rooftop cafes of Jaipur and still being the first choice of foodies.

Aerial View of the Pink City

As karma is situated in the market area, we first hopped onto the stores for shopping. You can find good toy shops, garments, night wears, tees and tops, shoes and street food choice golgappas too. There are old shops of Jaipur famous namkeen’s too which you can carry home.

Once we were tired enough, we went to our destination- Karma-the rooftop bar and lounge. There is a lift which takes you to the beautiful carpeted place with nice and cozy ambiance. Such a calm and nice feeling it was that it took away all our sweat.  The walls carry though provoking slogans on ‘Karma’ which makes any person gelled with.My favorite one is -” Life is a boomerang. What you give you get”.

The hanging lights are mesmerizing too. Low heighten wooden furniture is comfortable. Seating is diversified- family, friends and duos.

My Visit to Karma

We ordered french fries for the little one and honey chilli potato for ourselves along with a cocktail and a fresh lime to go with these. We had invited our friends too to relish the non-vegetarian part. As soon as we finished the snacks, the seats were filled with youngsters to hangout gradually. We placed our food order. We enjoyed the aromatic food. Each and everything was so perfect and nice.


No food joint can survive without the food quality and service. Both were excellent and the ambiance made it more meaningful. Moreover, there is a big screen who fancy watching the cricket matches with good friends and good food.





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