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The Art of Historic Architechture


If you have craving for exploring the art, sculpture, architecture and old temples of India, these three temples of Morena, Madhya Pardesh, India are the best places to visit. You will find mesmerized by the beauty of the art of the ancient times. The best part of travelling is that as you leave your footprints, it leaves you with countless memories. These temples tell the tale of unraveled places of India….India is not just The Taj!


Mitawali is a village situated in Morena, MP which is famous for Chausath Yogini Temple. The temple is believed to be built by the Maharaja Devpala. The temple is situated on a hill and you discover the beauty after stepping around 100 steps. There is lush greenery surrounding outside the temple. The shape of the temple is just like Indian Parliament House. Some say it is coincidence and some call it influence.




Padavali fortress was built in 18th century by the Jat Rana Rulers of Dhoulpur. It is said to had been guarded by lion and lioness in ancient times.


Bateshwar is a cluster of 200 mini grandeurs made of sandstone, devoted to Lord Vishnu and Shiva. The temples were constructed in 8th to 10th century by Pratihara Dynasty. It is build over 25 acres. The beautiful flora and fauna is fascinating- from butterflies to peacocks.

When to visit:

You can visit anytime you wish but avoid going in summers. We went there in July and the weather completely favored us. Had it been summer, we would not have admired the sweat in the stones.

What to carry:

You carry a hand towel, sunglasses, cap, an extra clothing and water with you, There are less options for good food joints while you go from Agra to Morena, so better carry some food with you.

Is there any ticket:

So far, no!


All three temples are neat and clean. Also, neat washroom facilities are available.

DOs and Donts

Do not litter. Do not scribble on the stones or property

Do carry your camera with you to save the memories.


PIC coutesy: Kaushik Tyagi, Vaibhav Gupta, Dheeraj Katara, Asim khan


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