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Yogini by choice

Many quotes have been said, many articles have been written and many philosophies have been done too on the Yoga. Even, there has been bets on the origin of yoga too. Today, I will not talk about any of these. I would love to share why and how I got inspired to make yoga as a daily routine of my life. And I will share why I reinstated yoga into my life.

It happened when I was engrossed into stomach ulcer and cervical problems. The medical treatments could not make any good impact rather they just led me to more medicines and body aches. Life used to suck at every moment-especially celebration times. As I could not relish any food. Not only that, the problems were so intense that I used to be bed succumb or sick at least once a week. The turning point came when I discussed my stomach issues with a friend who happens to be a doctor too about the ultimate solution. She told me that it would be just another salt. It was a pause. I didn’t want a life in which everyday starts with a medicine and ends with a medicine.


I bought a yoga mat and started the yoga practice. Although, I remembered the yoga postures since I had learnt in Art of living, still I shuffled youtube for the support; especially the ones which can help me cure my disease and burn excess fat around belly and thighs. My favorite ones are shilpa shetty and Boho beautiful.


Yogini by choice

As I am doing it for consistently for  one year, the medicines have expired and i am alive happily!!!

I will start sharing the asnas and their benefits. So, stay tuned.


Pic Courtsey: Mehran Uddin #Travelicious


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