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Go Global, Go organized


Travelling is an essential part of life to refresh ourselves from boring and monotonous life. It helps one revive and rejuvenate one’s mind and body. Me and my husband prefer road trips. You get to explore the real India or real culture of any place- the food, the places, the scent of the soils and the people. Not only that, I feel fascinated with the skies and the birds’ flight too.

The beauty of the road trip gets magnified and beautified if we go organized. The mess always makes the trip messy and disorganized. This time when we traveled to Punjab with our little daughter who is four and quadrupled naughty. She keeps hopping in the car even and we keep arranging the de-arranged things every 15 mins. So, we found the solution at Car Plaza, Jalandhar. It had various kinds of car accessories, organizers and tacky car decorations.

A sense of relief! We could now comfortably sit and even play with our little one. The things got nicely arranged in those back seat organizers.

It has space for the essentials glass, bottle and paper napkins. Apart from that a little space for visiting card holder is also there. It also gives an important place for an important gadget these days- the cell phone. If you are a newspaper or magazine reader, keep it safely rolled in the bottom pocket. On the top, there is a huge pocket for random things- book, specs, towel etc.

You can easily find them in the car accessories store in your city. Or just go online and get it. Preferred sites – firscry, amazon, flipcart etc.

So, go global and go organized with the organizers!


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