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When resources are scarce and fun is unlimited, when water is grounded and innocence is unfiltered, when light is less and eyes shine so bright, when means are so confined but the happiness is overloaded- I am talking about a school for under privileged children being run by Mrs. Mamta Goyal. While she set herself free from upbringing of his son, she wanted to do something for the society. Meanwhile she met a lady who was expelled from her own property as she just gave her thumb impression on the property paper due to being illiterate. It made her set her goal and she took up the agenda of spreading education to the children from slum and less privileged areas. At first, there were 39 students which has now been extended to 155 students approx. The school is supported by Help Box Agra.

They surely need love and support!

You can find them on the Facebook:

Facebook Page link : https://www.facebook.com/helpboxagra



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