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G D Goenka Toddler House is a franchise of the renowned GD Goenka Schools. The school ensures that the education focuses at the harmonious development of the child along with the high ethical values. The school calendar and the curriculum is such that the students grow to be confident, smart and intelligent. The Goenka Toddler House is recognized as the best preschool chain by Assocham.

It was the decision of Mrs. Shivangi Jain to get the franchise of Goenka Toddler House in Agra when she attended a training workshop in Delhi. Being a mom, she realizes the importance of all the elements and hence makes it a point to keep all the essentials under check. Her emphasize is on providing a congenial and hygienic atmosphere where child’s interest will be kept priority. There are three branches in Agra – Vaibhav Nagar Unit-I, Bagh Farzana Unit-II and Pratap Nagar Unit-III. The interesting thing is that all the three schools have alike standards, twin furniture, twin tools, equipment s and amenities for toddlers and even the school calendar of events.

School Vision:

The Goenka is a name that is self sufficient in providing an amalgamation of innovative education and the best amenities. Above all, it provides an environment with a perfect blend of culture, education and technology.


The school mentor and director Mrs. Shivangi Jain follows the quote “Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once we grow up” by Pablo Picasso. She highlights the importance of the exploring and enhancing the interests of the child. Aiming at providing international standards of learning and exploring the hidden talents is the ultimate mission of the school. Not only that, the school also wishes to spread its wings as a pre- primary school which is the most secure and unique in its own way.

The Winning Wheel

The Goenka Toddler House, Agra is all set to spin the winning wheel as it is keeping all the important points under check. It provides safe environment and enriches its children with Montessori methods so as to let them explore, learn and  grow.

There are following special features which makes Goenka stand apart:

  • Talented, experienced and dedicated team of intellectuals.
  • Consistent training and grooming workshop of teachers and in-charges on regular periods.

  •  A perfect blend of education, activities and amenities.
  • Focus on developing social growth, emotional development and sportsmanship spirit.
  • The provision of scientific tools and toys so as to enhance their scientific approach.

  • The provision and exact use of tools for fine motor skills.
  • The attention on sensory-motor and cognitive skills.
  • A strict check on health and hygiene.
  • Keeping the health reality check of its tiny tots by providing fresh fruits on daily basis.
  • Air conditioned environment with a special check on the temperature.
  • Inculcating Moral and traditional values.

Teaching strategies and methodologies:

  • To arouse interest among children.
  • To make boring subjects interesting with visual and practical learning.
  • To bring innovation and creativity into the routine curriculum
  • To inculcate good manners and team learning among students through little kitchen work, gardening, sand art etc.
  • To develop a congenial atmosphere for the hygiene habits
  • To enhance their mental abilities through visual approach
  • To make the toddlers self dependent and confident as this is the need of the hour.
  • Incorporating technology into the learning process can prove to be a boon if designed effectively. Interactive whiteboards are used in the classrooms for better learning process
  • The school ensures to implement behavior management techniques and the toddlers are groomed to behave nice and wise.

All the three branches of Goenka are alike when it comes to ambiance, tools, furniture, curriculum and even the school calendar. Yet, the features vary with the impression of the talent and inputs of the team at every branch. They compete and complement eachother.

G D Goenka Toddler House, Vaibhav Nagar (Unit-I)

The Vaibhav Nagar Branch emphasizes on the confidence level, the speaking skills though oration and rhyming, etiquette through various activities, developing the cognitive skills and focusing on making the child self reliant. Here, the team is having a workaholic atmosphere. They team up to make the toddlers’ time spent beautiful, colorful and interactive.

G. D. Goenka Toddler House, Bagh Farzana (Unit – II)

We stand apart as we follow Montessori form of education in which there are new and simple methods for the children so that it is very easy for them to learn. It’s basically a play way method of learning but still we make sure there is an equal focus on academics & activities. It also becomes easy for them to learn as well as remember it later.” – Team G D Goenka, Bagh Farzana



G. D. Goenka Toddler House, Partap Nagar (Unit-III)

“Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.– Chinese proverb

Shaping tender minds in the most creative directions  have always been the main goal of the Goenkan team leaders. The coordinator at Goenka, Partap Nagar states that starting a day with a smile on the kids face is the tremendous impetus to work harder for them. We, as a team, put all our efforts with full zeal and enthusiasm.

School At A Glance

Skill Based Tools

Yoga Session

Yoga sessions

Skill based Activities

Learning Process

Confidence Building

Confidence Building

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope.”


Physical Exercises

Physical activity

Table Manners:

Table Manners

Health and hygiene

Festivals At Goenka Toddler House

National Day Celeb


Keeping The culture alive in their hearts

Festival celebration



You cannot judge a school by its outer looks and good printed prospectus but can surely consider the valuable views of the parents itself.

“G d goenka is a brand itself and they are maintaining the decorum of the education system and they also provide the hygienic environment in the school I am very happy that my daughter is studying in the g d goenka todler house pratapnagar agra”

“A text on my ward’s performance:
Yes, she has shown improvements…
First of all I’m glad dat she finally settled in school. She has started showing interest in reciting the poems n writing, her motor skills have improved as well…
Prisha Sethi “

“When u see your child grow in person and as a human being… A thorough pleasure, a feeling indescribable in words… This is what teachers are all about at GD Goenka Toddler House, Pratap Nagar. I thank all the staff to make Nyneishia better every day..”

“After admitted our child Master ALAUKIK JAIN in GD Goneka Toddlers house We see many changes in him . He  used to be a shy boy and don’t reply to others but nowadays he replies and enjoys the company with other family members . In studies he is doing better day by day. Staff of Goenka is very cooperative and helpful. “

“I m mother of kanav marwah very much happy and satisfied. I would like to congratulate the goenkan faculty to keep shining Higher Brighter and Stronger….all the best n thank for the support…”

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