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As our craze for the electronic gadgets: mobile, laptop,tab, pen drive and hard disk etc. is increasing, the growth of e waste is increasing in a high magnitude too. The updated and new technology world is booming up, and so is the e garbage, also known as e waste. We cannot put a question mark on the development, neither we can object their uses but we can reuse the waste in a constructive way. There are three methods of getting rid of waste: produce less waste, Reuse the waste and dispose off the waste. While we dispose off or burn it, the harmful gases may create adverse effects on the health.


A pen stand out of e waste

Mr. Sudhanshu Bhatia at Guruji Technologies is an IT consultant and a gadget lover as well. He loves to explore new gadgets and even suggests people about the same.  Further, he is a visionary person who was always keen on working for the cause of e waste.

It is our privilege that we met Mr. Kaushik Tyagi, who is an artist- he tones objects into art, he gives a voice to the silent features and he adds vision to the blend products. The entire waste from our service sector was provided to him to turn e waste into some products for office use. And the journey of exploring the surreal art started in Guruji Technologies with the kind and hard efforts of Mr kaushik- ‘the scientist’ as we call him.

We look forward to work more into this field of converting e waste into art and worth products. If anyone wishes, can contact us on our page. The links are as below:


Insta : #gurujitechnologies

Web page: www.apricotgroup.in



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