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Paper Boat


I read a poem ‘My Boat’ in my childhood and now it feels so actual. It goes like this

I made a paper boat

I wanted it to float

I went in the rain

And put it in the drain

It bobbled up, it bobbled down

I cried “Do not drown”

It twirled round and round

Then sank without a sound

Our dreams are so much like the paper boat, the dreams which we want them to float and try to find a pathway or the person who can lead us there. We cry too when we see them drowning and we feel so helpless when in front of our eyes, they sink. But that doesn’t mean one should stop dreaming. Because just like a spider who inspired the British king Robert the Bruce to fight again although he had failed six times. As the last stanza of the poem goes like this

I sat in the rain

Think, think, brain

I ran inside the door

To make a boat once more

Honestly, it takes a lot to fight for your dreams and rights, specifically for women. In India, when they are born, they are adored/ cursed depending on the culture or region or family they belong to. Although in case a boy is born, there is no such adverse circumstances. While they are growing up, their eating habits, walking style, talking manner, everything is watched and groomed in a way to be married once.

Parents’ priorities change in case of girls. Despite all the love and care they do for the girl child, they are wrong when they expect sacrifices from her in name of marriage/ settling down. Girl does all the sacrifices as if they are born to do so. Eventually they become lost identities. After many years of life, they forget the real them. They do not know who they are. As there are beautiful lines “Aaina mujhse meri pehli si surat maange”. If anyone is reading the blog and is the parent of a girl child, please let her fly as she has the capabilities with which you gave her the upbringing. She is also a part of you. Just imagine when you first found her in your arms, she is just the same..your child.



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