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“Ignore the ignorance”
“life and struggle are directly proportional to each other”
“Yoga and math have same basic logic. Whatever is subtracted has to be added and vice-versa is also true.”
“I am sick of the sickness around- the mind sickness”
“The child and husband are perfect combo for any wife to celebrate any celebration!”
“If life is a problem, Yoga is the only solution!”
‘You act what you expect’ [23 Jan 2019]

At the crossroads sometimes
But life means u just live the times
Lie to yourself
Greet yourself
At the crossroads sometimes
You may find what you really want
Let happen miracles
Believe in miracles

[Feb04, 2019]
Life is a journey which needs to be travelled irrespective of the destination- good or bad, Happy or sad.
(16 March, Saturday)

Mujhe chup rehna hai
Mere shabd nishabad ho gaye hai
Aur tumhare Dil se pare ho gaye hain

“I am a sin
I am bad
I am a curse
I am a cancer
I am unwanted
I am disrespectful
I am disgrace
I am disgusted
I am prejudice
I am unreligious
I am non political
Why ?
I am told to find answers
I am told to rectify myself
I am told to be Happy whenever necessary….all because I  am a woman…”



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