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Women’s day


I have always been proud to be born as a woman regardless of the fact that it has been a topsy-turvy life all over. Not only mine, I even observe the women around how difficult theirs has been too. Although exceptions are there, but basically, each woman is an epitome of sacrifice and wriggle. It is us women only who love doing sacrifices little or big. At times, these sacrifices are just impossible had they been expected from a man.

The beauty of being a woman is that we are grilled to the maximum extent which makes us strong. It generates the heat of Sun among us that we can thrill any odd in our way.
The heat of fire of sati and agni pariksha has made us shine brighter. The killing of us as infant makes the humanity shameful. The acid attacks expresses the hatred and Raavan in the other gender.
We take it all- abuse, domestic violence, infant killing, acid attacks, dowry killing, honor killing but what about you. See us smile still. Learn some art at least!
A poem by Anamika ji
I am a puzzle
Open from one side
and Closed from other side
Covered with fire from one side
while with blue ice from other
Nothing can be done about me
I am the Council sitting against me
Rectangles say- she has a dissimilar square
And squares say- she is a blunt rectangle
I  have a different path, I own a different caste
Still I am worth understanding
I am the song of the big ZERO
Zero minus zero gives zero…
Dedicated to those who used to call me zero!!


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