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Poetry that heals


At journey to roots, we experiment things. The name ‘poetry that heals’ was iconed so as to create the magic what poetry does to us. Poetry does have healing powers. Each one of us had to read the poem of some writer who inspired them and about that writer too. It was amazing chance for any poem lover.

It was an evening which had some magical wind blowing around. Me and Mr. Bakhtyar Khan had planned to reach together to Mehtaab Bagh, where the event ‘poetry that heals’ was to be hosted. We were late due to traffic. As we reached there, it had already started. The view of Taj was so mesmerizing that it could vanish away all the negativity and any tiredness.



The chirping of birds seemed to give consent to the poems and completely supported the rhythm. The poets read were Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachan, Paash, Hakeem Iqbal Ahmad ‘Shauq’ saheb, Suryakant Tripathi Nirala Ji, Dr. Tarsem Gujral ji and Wislawa Simborsaka.

It is said that poets are the architects of society and they are interpreter of their time and age. Listening to these poets was an eye- opener and inspiring too.

Although it was a closed group of us including Ashwin, Anal Jha, Ashwani ji, Shivam Shikarwer, Asim Khan, Erum Atmiye, Anurag ji, Anand Vaid Ji, Utkarsh Chaturvedi (silent presence), and Bakhtyar Khan ji yet it was healing and amusing.


I would like to extend my heartiest thanks to all those who came and to Erum for organizing the event. The poems , the talking wind, the glooming Sun and the Taj left blissful memories in our hearts.



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