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Art of e-waste

            As our craze for the electronic gadgets: mobile, laptop,tab, pen drive and hard disk etc. is increasing, the growth of e waste is increasing...

Rakhi Kaushik- The Trend Setter

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Rakhi Kaushik, a small town girl, has...

The love of photography


Litnest Cafe

Litnest Cafe is a place where you can sit, eat and read....

Karma- Rooftop Lounge

It was our short visit to Lohagarh resort when we felt like visiting the pink city to explore the best food joint of the...

Yoga – an art of life

Yoga, as many of you have heard, is a series of physical exercises gifted to the human race by the vedas. Yoga literally means...

Namrata Mishra- A Humanitarian On Mission

Adv. Namrata Mishra was selected as the Global Goodwill Ambassador, India (GGA) on 9th January 2019 by a USA based organization for her outstanding contribution in spreading mass awareness on prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Child Safety, Child Rights, POCSO legislation, Gender discrimination, Boy’s sensitization, Women rights and Women empowerment in India. A woman like her is an asset to the global society of humans.

Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds is a school which aims at providing an intellectual model where the innocence of the kids is preserved and knowledge is instilled through smooth and simple steps.

My Orcha Visit-The Hidden Treasure

Why to write, when pictures say it all. Just one word "Mesmerizing" experience!

Solitude still Gratitude!

One might wonder over the topic I have chosen. Well, this is what happens with me quite often. People leave me, put their garbage...