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Rang Utsav/ Holi Fest


Holi is the festival of colors widely enjoyed by the people of India settled in and out of the country. The festival is attached to the religious relevance just like most of the festivals in India. In Mathura and Vrindavan, it is the celebration of love bond between Radha and Krishna. Apart from that, it states a final good bye to winters and a floral welcome to spring!As per Hindu calendar, it is celebrated on the day of full moon-the mesmerizing night.

While living in Punjab, I never relished the festival that much.But when I moved to US and then to Bhutan, the Indians’ zeal and enthusiasm gets doubled and I also learnt to enjoy it. And in UP, especially in Agra and Mathura, one gets to not only enjoy it, one lives it completely. People get drenched deeply not only in the colors but also in the love of family and friends. On the top of that, the traditional food of gujhia and other Indian snacks just fill the empty stomachs with mouth watering flavors.

The colors help fade away the boredom of life and helps you rejuvenate. Likewise Holi is the festival of feeling and filling the colors of life.

Talking about colors, the herbal colors with nice fragrance are available these days. Even colors made from dried flowers are soothing and non-chemical. The other colors may cause itching, irritation in eyes and skin allergies too.

The joy of festival finds sky-ranged bounds when you have your kids around. You teach your child to be patient enough to get colored from friends. Plus, how to politely and playfully defense. And above all, be colorful!


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